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Women's Deadlift Competition Ticket (Members Only)

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Join our deadlift competition on March 18th, 2023 @ Fox Plaza.

(Competition starts at 12pm, lifters can start warming up at 11:30am)

There is only 20 spots available!

Competitors will be scored based on the Wilks formula, a method by which the strength of a powerlifter is measured against other powerlifters of a different weight category. A Wilks formula allows a person to measure their strength. A wilks score is typically used amongst powerlifters to measure their strength against one another. The formula was created by Robert Wilks. What makes the Wilks formula so great is that even though (especially in powerlifting) you may be in different weight classes from someone else, you’re able to compare your strength. It’s also a great tool of measuring where you’re at in terms of strength in ratio to your body weight. 


The competition will consist of three lifts with only the highest lift counting towards the final score. Belts, Singlets, and Knee Sleeves are approved for use during the competition, however Lifting Straps are not allowed.

To count as a successful lift, a full deadlift must be performed.

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